Welcome to Droppin' the Fork dot com! (to view the old index please click here - it's all still there until I get the whole site redone!)

This site is the main nexus of links and infobits belonging to Lethe Gray - art, literature, rpg's, cyberpets and more.



January 4 2006 - updated generators, added SILLY STUFF page!

September 5 2004 - updated a couple of the generator links. Added a Fan button. I've been entering some more dollz contests.

May 10 2004 - new site design. Includes links to generators and rpg stuff. Work in progress, excuse the mess.


Stuff I like/belong to/etc... - While Deviantart admin are being collective putzes, the people otherwise are great. I highly recommend the place for folks who have art or short stories they'd like to show off or have help with. My account is lethe-gray.

Tattoos - I just applied for the Inked - Tattoo fan site.

Stuff I have made ... - How about some generators? Thanks so much to Steven Savage's collection of javascript generators. He's moved along to php, which I don't know how to do, but I'm sure even the ones I have made will keep y'all occupied for a while.
more to come as I can produce it...