Which one: Lucia Sanger, Air Mage (and dom) Genre: Magical Modern Miracles
Married: why bother, so many men, so little time Children: by the gods, no!
Era: Modern Fantasy-based history Lifespan: possibly immortal, certainly immoral
Dragon: Eraxa Jariane Type: see below
Bonded at: Cy Dragonstake Pets: male Rippled Air egyptan, Angin
Sexual Type: Straight, mmmmmostly Relatives: Left behind, still alive in Hungary
Nemesis: Unknown, possibly some religious nuts claiming mages are 'baaad' Allies: Alabaster? It's all different...
Occupation: Professional mage, uses air magic; also semi-pro dominatrix Powers and Abilities: air magic to explore, sense and heal; obviously what she does behind closed doors is her business...
Prefered weapons: whip, bindings and the like, also uses pressure and blasts of air Weaknesses: Fiercely independant, almost entirely opposite of other Sangers, headstrong enough to avoid any entanglements with a permanent enemy
Song: none yet

Custom by Brittany! Male Rippled Air Egyptan

Created: 12-20-05 off the top of my head

Dragon name: Eraxa Jariane
Bonded to: Lucia Sanger
Gender: Female
Breed: 1/2 Greater Crow, 1/4 Daemon, minor elements of fire, light.
Parents: Ara Jariane and Hexy
Length: 55’
Color: yellow-striped gray/black
Personality: Eraxa is an exotic beauty among dragonesses, and she knows it. She isn’t a flirt so much as she knows what she wants and will do what it takes to get it. She won’t snatch a paired dragon away from his mate, but everyone else is fair game. She’ll assist when Lucia is trying to help people, but she doesn’t seem to be really doing it for quite the same reasons...
Abilities: Verbal speech, shifting (anthro), psionics (telepathy, teleportation), speed magic, birdspeak


Eraxa and Lucia and their little egyptan companion traveled around the world to aid and to ... well, do other things, for several years. But there was a moment when even Lucia realized there was something bigger. There was a vibe in the air and the crow/daemon got it into her head that she knew just where to go to alleviate this feeling.

When they arrived near Mindspace it was a bit fractured, and they navigated the rippling landscape with ease. With the air and flight the pair had going for them it was only a small task to land and locate the source of the weirdness.

It wasn't too tough - she was standing among a 'garden' of moving statues and images that stood in the air. Or ... wait, no, those were ghosts.

Eraxa perked up right away. "Those are fantastic," she whispered. "How do you do that?"

And then the creature almost literally dropped what she was doing, to look the crow-daemon over. And that was no mean feat: dozens of what looked like eyes on the ends of long feather-like appendages glowed, seemed to flicker and blink. Her horns were long and curved, she was like nothing Lucia had even imagined, and was something that Eraxa found boundlessly intriguing. Eraxa reformed herself into a more humanoid shape, which apparently impressed the other.

The Beast of Many Eyes gazed down, and smiled. "I choose you," she said. Eraxa blushed - a difficult feat - but understood immediately.

Lucia was a bit confused, though.


It didn't take long to realize what had happened. Eraxa would be having a ... litter? Nest? of offspring with the Beast of Many Eyes. That suited both of them just fine, really, because Lucia was of the opinion that a lovely creature such as Eraxa should have bred long before. She bore a litter of half a dozen females, each as bright as the next, and each who found their own way through the multiverse.

One, however, remained with Eraxa and Lucia. Even Angin was a bit surprised to sniff this new addition to their home, but he adjusted well enough.

At first the youngling had but one form.

However, soon after she began to observe the magic around her, particularly her 'mother's' shapeshifting, she did change. A lovely upright form which didn't lose any of the mystique or wonder of all those eyes...

Her name, she chose it, was Banyakmata Jariane. Among her many talents were of course her shapeshifting, but also psionics that included teleportation and telepathy, her other mother's ability with telekinesis carried through strongly;  but she could speak clearly - to humans as well as birds, and speed things or herself.

This trio and their little boy companion would now be unstoppable through the multiverse!


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