Dun Keiba

Briskly landing on the wide, grassy stretch below the Castle hills, the Knight on his Fire drak salutes you, his helm's plume dancing in the wind.

"I hope you enjoy your stay at Dun Keiba," he shouts over the breeze, "there are a lot of things to do here, but the first thing you'll want to do is visit the Castle's Keeper - she's going to help you learn where everything is."

The gold and red drak begins to take off, and the breeze almost turns to a gale force wind, then he's up in the air and receding into the hilly distance. Perhaps he's got others to pick up.

Then you look at the castle - and wonder where it is?

There it is, you turn to see a sturdy yellow stone castle rising over some of the hills. Several drak entrances can also be seen, but you're headed to the castle now. Cart tracks and vague roads lead away from the castle in several directions, one over the pass between the mountain tops, another to the huge lake below, and yet a third the way you came, into the tan grasslands of the south.

Farms spread on the west side of the castle's hill, though you suspect that the livelyhood of the castle's folk is made easier by the fishing village at the lake. Plus, this is a trade route - those cart tracks up to the castle itself are worn and deep, the road into the pass to the north well-traveled.

Beyond the castle's hill, you can see a sloping area where dozens of Racers lounge in the warm equatorial sun. This place is well known for its gambling and fine quality Racers. Maybe you'll be able to watch or even participate in a race?

Before you can guess what else is planned at Dun Keiba, a blustery woman fit for the blustery wind up here comes hurriedly out of the castle's lower entrance. "Here you are. It's a wonder you haven't been eaten by a Nex!"

Eyes bulging, you gulp and hustle over to her. She laughs loudly and slaps you on the back, "just kidding, child, just joking. We've got patrols to keep those pests away."

Pests... If a creature twice or thrice as tall as you could be considered a pest, you wonder - no, you don't want to wonder!

"I'm Bepa, Castle Keeper here at Dun Keiba. Now, it's time you got yourself settled if you're to learn anything."

Check each room below!