"No one wants to play with me, father." Typhia says. She is disappointed that even her own siblings shun her.

"It is only because you are quite strong and quick, quicker than they are." Virus tells her. It is the truth, but also another truth is that she needs a little work in the control department.

Virus takes time with his middle daughter - teaching her how to recognize stages of her own development in a body - and how to preserve certain portions of those stages when she requires it.

Within a week, Typhia begins to understand that the method Virus likes best is a subtle one - and she can emulate that. Certainly. Because some bodies are so able to live with her cells inside it. Shedding into their water system and their waste.

Babies are just reeking with her. But she tells her cells to delay - to wait it out. Perhaps in ten years, or twenty, but not today. Not today.

Today, there is a picnic outside, with lots of healthy people.



When later, much later, almost all of her siblings have bonded and returned to their home with a lovely dragon, Typhia hears tell of a place hosting of all things, water dragons.

"I will go there," she says to her father, "I have found my place, I think. It is at this Healing Den place. I have heard of it, the others speak of it."

"They speak highly of it, but be careful," Virus warns his daughter, "the woman running that place is very strong and very very clever. And much older than I. She will spot tricks played on her or her people, immediately. So be very subtle."

"I will think of it as a test, father," she promises him. He and Henshuth take her to the wild, rocky coastline where the Den's Swim is being held, and he leaves her without greeting anyone. If someone were to see them, they would know immediately what was up...