In order to best understand what your Ferilon's genes will look like, just type in their genes in order as listed, to a chart like this below. If you get a Mutation or Tribal feature (F or R) that is duplicated or doesn't seem consistent, it probably should just be dropped entirely. Getting two "wing" mutations will yield two pairs of wings, though, so they *can* be combined into new looks.
ONLY the R and F traits, the "tribal" and "mutations" traits, are listed with two genes because of the complexity of showing the main traits. List the genes in either "male parent" or "female parent" or switch them around (for those with only one gene generated). When you know their main genes, go to the gene chart and locate the feature. For every gene's letter, choose a 2nd gene for the other parent's that is of EQUAL TO or LOWER value on the chart. Once you've chosen all the recessive genes, you've got yourself a breedable Ferilon! You may copy and paste the html from this page onto your own site if you wish but leave the generator to me please.
TRAIT Male Parent Female Parent Description of Dominant Gene
General Fur      
Tribal Traits (R genes)    
Tribal Info (specific)   Put any descriptions that are long here
Mutations (F genes)    
Mutation Info (specific)   As for Tribal info
Color Pattern      
Main Color      
Second Color      
Fringe Color      
Eye Color      
Further Colors      
Extras     Any extras, like wings or second heads or other features?

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