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When the dragons land at this odd world, Virus takes a good look around him. Here is a volcanic peak, but people have decided to live within it? Madness! But, he knows in minutes that the volcano is dormant - mostly.

He who has lived for millions of years knows without a doubt that some day, the volcano will erupt again. They always do.

It is not too long before he notices decorations and festive themes to the interior of the place. A Human tradition - Halloween. How amusing, that he'd come just in time for their celebration of their fears!

Ah - but he has to remember that he's here almost as a sort of emissary. His world will benefit from his presense, and just as he's thinking this, he passes by a clump of younger children. All of them snuffling and laughing - spraying their germs everywhere.

Still - none of the viruses or bacteria have gained any sort of sentience like he has. He feels almost alone.

That does not last, humans do things so quickly! Everything they do is tempered by the knowledge that they will die within a century or so. The confidence that Virus shows while he walks through the endless black halls is seen mainly as egotism or vanity. He can afford both. He's here to bond.

And bond he does. For one day, a short while before sundown, the dragons in their hatching arena begin to fill the air with an eerie keening. Intrigued, Virus follows the other people down to the sands.

Everyone stood in awe and wonder and this time, Virus was not alone in his amazement. He'd never seen such a spectacle! There were eggs dotting the sands, below their protective mothers' wings. When one part of the sands comes alive with a hatching, everyone holds their breath. A female golden colored hatchling arrives, followed by several others.

Then, a strange tingling in the back of Virus' mind alerts him to a pair of eggs which have broken into bits near one another. A blue-colored dragon tumbles from his egg, while another one stands to her feet in a defiant gesture.

Virus smiles immediately. She's perfect. She bellows at her brother, whose name is apparently Behemoth, when he pairs off with a medical "doctor" whose qualifications are almost as dismal as Virus'.

You fool! You know what this man does... he will be the end of us!

Perhaps the end of you and your bond, but I cannot wait until that day.

The dragons growl and snarl at one another, but Virus allows the strangely internally-glowing dragoness near him for comfort. "Don't worry, Henshuth, they are no threat to us. A minor set back in the past. But a very minor setback. Come along." He can tell she's hungry - and so is Behemoth, but he refuses to come to the kitchens with them. Henshuth, still bipedal, trots along side her new bond and casts a little leering sneer back at her sibling before they leave.

She is ravenous - Virus pays every ounce of attention he can to her. Her wings are strong, her skin is not truly transparent but she has glowing bones... An eerie dragon to say the least. His children will be pleased with this.

He wonders... How are they faring? Well, at the moment they don't even matter. All that matters is that this beautiful strong willed and fairly knowledgable dragoness needs a bit of a rest, and a place to stay.

Name: Henshuth (from henshu--"mutant" in Japanese)
Bond: Virus
Gender: Female
Style: Radioactive
Breed: Fira/Shadow/Desmos
Colors: Black, fluourescent green, pink, blue
Adult Size: 20'
Abilities: Shadow Magic, Regeneration

She is just lovely, Virus thinks. Absolutely wonderful. As they train, often at odds with the others found at Ring of Fire, Virus gets a lesson in the finer aspects of flight, riding, and what is to be expected of any pair.

Of course, he ignores most of it, because he knows he'll just be returning to Earth with her, soon enough.

Why do you want to show me off so much? People are afraid of me. Henshuth thinks, her intimate mental touch is so soft and glassy compared to the other dragons minds which have touched Virus'. It is a welcome addition, a sweet hint of green fire within her mind warms him.

"Because you are worthy of great praise, Henshuth, far greater than what you're getting here." He pauses, and smiles at her. She's grown a lot since her hatching, but she will never be a large dragoness by most standards. Big enough to ride, much larger than, say, a horse on Earth. In fact she could still probably take one down and eat it, if need be. "So, are you ready?"

Henshuth tosses her head, her long horns grazing her own back and making Virus aware that riding this wonderfully exotic dragoness is still more dangerous than most things he could be doing. Her four eyes glimmer in the evening.

Yes. I am ready. Let us depart and head back to your home. You say there is a lake? Hmn... I do not really want a lake. Perhaps I could rest on top of your hospital building. Or even among the toxic wastes?

"There's a thought," Virus laughs.

They take off, her forelimbs stretching out widely enough to cause a downdraft nearby. She finally blinks through the Nexus, and comes out over the Hospital. It is night time, the way that Virus most easily remembers the place. His 'son' Pylori has left a message that he will arrive with his red dragon Apakk, but she is still too young to travel. Smiling, Virus shows off this glowing black-green 'monster' to his old medical friends.

They are afraid - truly afraid - and both Virus and Henshuth get a gloating kind of look on their faces.

NEXT! Flight!

Virus bonded Henshuth at the Ring of Fire